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Some women in my vilage formed “the mom community” . They gather every week to pray to God special for the sucsesful of their children. They read The Koran, Surah Yasiin and Surah al Insyirah. Before reading alqur’an they read Surah Alfatihah “addressed” to Rasullullah, and then to their children.
All the women following this “weekly gathering” are the moms that the childern are still in The Kindigerten and Elementary School. They are intrested forming the mom community to response their worriness for the future of their children. They predict, in the future the problems that will give negative effect for their childeren will be complex, especially for the development of children’s spiritual. So, solving the problem phisically is not enough. They must try so hard find the way spiritually. Praying is the answer.
Afther praying together, they sometimes share how to educate their children well. For example, they discuss how to build the fairness character for their children, what are the negative effect of television, how to build “heaven” at home for their children, how to educate the children become “anak shaleh”, and so on.
Sucsesful here doesn’t merely means material but also spiritual. They believe praying can give positive effect for their children’s life in the future, although it is not seen directly and phisically.
My be it is difficult to understand by rational or modern men that always measure something materially. So, they just look at something artificially and they fail catching deep meaning from their life in this world.
for the villagers, educating children is not only be done by the rational and phisical way but also spiritual ones. It is really smart response, I think.