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Twenty years ago, I had naver imagined that water would had been capitalized. At the time, people could use water freely without buying at all. They could use it for drinking, washing, cooking, taking a bath, or irigating the farm. They were united by consensus had to obey  that water belong to public. So, they had to use the water wisely.

I still remembered, ancient people also put “gentong” at the street beside their house to share water with other people that needed it just to drink. When I was childhood I looked at almost every house put it . Every one passing the street was freely to drink water when they were thirsty. That was  the example of  “the real civilization”. I mean civilizing the water.

Now, everything has changed. Human being is more mature in thinking but not in feeling. He/She just think how make something to be profit indivually. Water is not belong to public anymore but belong to individual having capital.

So it is common today villager buy water to drink. Even, in some area villager also buy water for washing or taking a bath.

The problem is modern people claiming “civilized people” really are failure in civilizing the water.